Q: Do you require insurance?

A: We highly recommend insurance to protect you from any unforeseen circumstances.
We require the a waiver be signed relinquishing Above Studio, Springston photography inc.
and the building management of all liability.
Above Studio is a work at your own risk for anyone entering the premises.

Q: How do holds work and when do you require a deposit?

A: You may place a non-binding hold at anytime. Should someone inquire about your date
we will contact you and you can book the date or release your hold.
When you are ready to commit to your booking, we’ll have you sign our
Terms & Conditions contract and pay a 50% deposit.

Q: What are your rental hours?

A: Our hours are 8am- 5pm or 9am-6pm. Overtime fees apply before and after your time slot.

Q: What forms of payment do you except?

A: We expect cash at a 5% discount, company checks and credit cards.

Q: What are your freight elevator’s hours and size?

A: Our freight elevator operates 24 hours 7 days a week.
The elevator can accommodate 9′ seamless paper,
4×8 v-flats and additional photographic equipment.

Q: Where is the nearest parking lot?

A: Rapid Parking located at 10 East 30th Street. NY 10016 (between 5th and Madison)

Download Contract Here
*Please read & sign before shoot date